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AT&T’s new $39 a month Internet Plan offers HBO and free Amazon Prime

AT&T and Amazon have come up with a surprise for their fans by partnering together. Now, AT&T’s new Broadband Bundle offer will give you HBO and Amazon Prime for $39 a month.at&t-hbo-amazon-prime

Amazon has already included a video streaming service to Amazon Prime. The Amazon service has been quite popular among the masses and the USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of it has been the unlimited two day shipping program introduced by the American company. The new scheme by Amazon aims at hiking the fortunes of the company in the digital entertainment sector. Amazon also plans to add stars to its shoulders by building the video streaming business. It would definitely pose a great competition to NetFlix in the market.

The Prime package from Amazon can be availed for only a year as part of the introductory deal. The new offer by Amazon also entitles the users to enjoy HBO and AT&T’s basic cable version at the stunning rate of $39 a month.

The new offer by Amazon will allow the users to have an access to new content as well as an archive of the old HBO shows. It will prove to be a good deal for HBO as well since the channel to reach the users through a new platform. The channel is looking forward to the scheme.

The deal also points out the fact that companies have now started speculating the future of television and they are struggling to earn profits out of it. In the recent past, AT&T came up with a deal to purchase Fullsrceen which is a YouTube network giving access to as many as 4 billion views on a monthly basis.

This contract is actually reminiscent to that of the NBC/Universal deal. However, it is on a lower scale compared to the former deal. The partnership between Amazon and AT&T will bring the concept of internet only variation on HBO. There are great expectations from this partnership and experts feel that together Amazon and AT&T will prove to be a mascot in the digital entertainment industry in the near future.

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