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Amazon listed new upgraded Kindle Paperwhite on Amazon.com for $119

Amazon has updated its Kindle Paperwhite to next level. The new upgraded paperwhite houses a faster processor with high contrast display and improved built-in lightning. This time Amazon has focused on major features only. They have mainly provided an update to major features only. It is listed on Amazon.com for $119. They will start its shipment from 30th September 2013.


What’s new in Kindle Paperwhite?

According to Amazon, the new upgraded paperwhite will improve the screen’s contrast to next level. It will make white things whiter and back things blacker. It will surely improve the display quality. The upgraded paperwhite is powered by a 25 per cent stronger processor than first generation Kindle. 25% increase means a lot in terms of smooth multi-tasking and improved page flips. This upgraded Paperwhite will provide very smooth and clear transitions at blazing fast speed.

Amazon has claimed it to provide 19 percent tighter touch grid than older version. The new Paperwhite is also going to be equipped with Goodreads. It will add extra layer of automation to the overall interface. Now you can move between the pages and chapters at a faster rate than ever. Also the quality of the pages is improved to huge extent.

These are the main features which next generation Kindle Paperwhite is going to house. Rest all features are exact similar to first generation Paperbook.

Next Generation Kindle Paperwhite price and availability:

Amazon has listed it on common store Amazon.com (international store). At main store they have listed it for $119 only. No details about country specific price and availability are available yet.

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