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Microsoft OneDrive on iOS 8 will give you 30GB free storage space

Online Cloud Storage was not as popular in the market as it is now. Cloud Storage is becoming the focal point of each company and hence, there is a huge competition among these industry giants. Whoever offers more storage for lesser money wins the race. In the same line of thought, Microsoft has doubled the free storage on OneDrive for iOS 8.onedrive-ios-screenshot

In the initial days, Microsoft offered a storage space of 15GB to the customers, but now it has doubled the limits to 30 GB. Moreover, it can be availed free of cost, which is mind boggling. This news has been received well by the users and they are going gaga about Microsoft as a cloud storage service provider.

The iOS 8 users will have to register on OneDrive for iOS and then activate the auto-upload feature on the device. This will help them avail the extra 15GB in addition to the 15GB already available in the package offered by Microsoft.

This upgrade would be essentially helpful for the people who don’t possess expandable, external storage components. Having the cloud storage in your device makes sure that you don’t need to ransack through the media in order to have more space.

Doug Pearce recently posted through the official blog of OneDrive, “For those getting ready to install iOS8, this means you won’t have to delete a bunch of photos or apps to make room for the upgrade. For those buying a new phone, it means you can take all the high resolution photos and videos you want without worrying about the amount of storage you have.”

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