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Microsoft quietly delays September launch of Xbox One in China

Microsoft has cancelled the Sep 23 launch of the Xbox One in China and has stated that the console will be released only by the end of the year. The new release date was not announced yet.xbox-one

The company did not mention the reasons for the delayed launch. China has already received more than 100,000 pre-orders for the console ahead of the launch. Microsoft is likely to have certain concerns regarding the black market for consoles in China even as the console ban in the country was ended after 10 years. The company added that it looks forward towards the release of the console by partnering with BesTV.

“At Xbox, we pride ourselves on first rate gaming and entertainment experiences and allow us to deliver on that promise we need to reschedule the launch of Xbox One,” said Microsoft.

Though it is widely speculated that it’s a part of the Xbox One promotion, the company announcement before three days of release hides a bigger issue. Xbox One sales of 5.1 million units is ranked third after PS4 with 10 million sales and Nintendo Wii U with 6.68 million. Microsoft had a chance of balancing the sales figures with an early launch before the PS4 but it will now be released by 2014 end. Sony has not announced the launch of the PS4 console in China.

Microsoft is likely to announce the reveal the release date soon and users in China who had pre-ordered the device will avail a ‘bonus gift’ for the delay. The Xbox One is priced at 3,699 yuan (£369, $602) and 4,299 yuan (£429, $700) with Kinect in China.

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