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Apple iPhone 6 Plus teardown reveals various chips in a nutshell

A teardown of the Apple iPhone 6 Plus reveals the large battery, the 5.5-inch HD Retina display with 401ppi pixels density and other components in the device, made by various manufacturers.BjxHRoGfWbyKVdHe

The iPhone 6 Plus measures 158.1 mm long, 77.8 mm wide and 7.1 mm thick and is available in silver, gold and space gray. The iPhone 6 Plus reveals a large 2,915 mAh battery which has nearly doubled from the 1,560 capacity of the iPhone 5s. The home button can be removed by removing the metal bracket and the front camera with a larger cable is attached to the front of the device. The battery weighing about 43 grams can be removed after removing a metal bracket and adhesive pull tabs.

The device contains a redesigned cable that connects the main board and the home button which is more sturdy than previous iPhones. The vibrator module is located on the right of the battery while the iSight rear-camera is labelled DNL 43270566F MKLAB. The rear camera contains a small lens which supports the optical image stabilization technology from Apple.

The main board is attached to the rear case with main components like Apple A8 SoC +Elpida 1GB LPDDR3 RAM, Qualcomm LTE modem, Skyworks low band LTE pad, Avago high band PAD, Avago high band PA +FBAR’s, TriQuint 3G EDGE power Amplifier module and InvenSense 6-axis accelerometer and gyroscope combo. Other components include a Qualcomm Envelope tracking IC, RF Micro devices Antenna Switch module and Skyworks Mid Band Pad.

The back of the main board contains the 16GB NAND flash from Hynix, Murata Wifi module, Apple Power Management module, Broadcom Touchscreen Controller, NXP ARM Cortex-M3 Microcontroller, NXP NFC module and Qualcomm RF trans-receiver. Other components include a Qualcomm power management IC, Texas instruments touch transmitter, AMS booster IC and Cirrus Logic Audio Codec.

The supplier of the speaker is unknown, while the lightning connector assembly consists of the headphone jack and antenna connectors. The top end of the case contains the antennas while a delicate power ribbon cable and volume button cable is attached to the case. There is a rubber casket for the power button that provides improved water and dust resistance.

The iPhone 6 Plus is easily repairable and features an efficient battery than earlier iPhones. The Touch ID cable is also more durable than the one in 5s though the only issue is the pentalobe screws on the exterior which is difficult to remove.

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