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Apple fans are happy with third-party keyboards on iOS 8

We have always known Apple as one of the smartphone makers, which is always on the look to make things better. Without getting into the argument of which OS is better iOS or Android, let me make it clear that Apple and iOS have always had a dedicated fan support. It has been because Apple has kept the operating system clean and classy. But this does not mean that Android lacks these qualities. Both are exceptional with their own features. But One will have to say that the fact that Apple does not allow third-party applications have always carried a bad name for them.Apple fans overwhelmed third party apps on iOS 8

With iOS 8, things are a bit different. iOS 8 allows the users to install third-party applications and it has been accepted by the users straight away. The major success has been in the field of keyboards. Most of the users who have used iOS and Android devices have stated that when it comes to typing on a keypad on an Android device, nothing beats it. One of the prime reasons for the reaction is the availability of various different type keyboards depending on the requirement of the user.

The products from Apple have seen a radical upheaval as soon as the users were allowed to install third-party keyboard apps. SwiftKey which has seen the heights of glory with Android, directly shot to the top of the list as soon as it was released on iOS 8. One must not make a mistake by thinking that these applications are compatible with Android and iOS as well, both will work in a similar way but still stay platform dependent.

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