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Tesla Model S Software v6.0 brings remote start, calendar and more

Tesla Motors have announced yet another software update for the current Model S owners. The Electric car from Tesla Motors has already received quite a few updates and the most recent one is claimed to be unique. According to the company, most of the other electric car manufacturers will not be able to provide such upgrades for heir cars within a few years.Tesla rolls out another update for the Model S

The electric car maker announced the over the air upgrade on Friday for the Model S owners. All the cars sold since the mid-2012 will be able to install the upgrade, as told by Egil Juliussen, director of research for automotive electronic technology for IHS Automotive. According to the reports, most of the major players in the field of electric cars have implemented many upgrades on the prototype models. On the other hand, Tesla is bringing the upgrades directly into the vehicles such that the user has a better driving experience.

The Software update from Tesla Motors will add quite a few new features to the vehicle. This is version 6.0 of the software and has been aimed at giving the users an ultimate driving experience. The new features will include a traffic based navigation system, calendar, location-based air suspension, various power management options, etc..  The software has been designed in such a way that the Model S will make pre-arrangements about the route that you need to take on a daily basis depending on the traffic patterns. In addition, you will be able to name your car as well, giving it a unique identity in the middle of all the other Model S Sedans. The power saver feature will also come to aid for quite a few owners for sure.

Tesla Motors is adding to a better user experience as the customers will not be needed to take in their vehicles to the dealers in order to get the upgrade done. Tesla will remotely complete the upgrade irrespective of the geographical location of the car. The statistics state that Tesla Motors has already upgraded more that 30,000 vehicles this year and the car maker plans modify more that 22 million cars to have over the air upgrades by the year 2020.

Tesla Motors is presently working with three different software firms to allow remote upgrades. This has reduced up to $500 from the customers part which would cost in case they take their vehicles to the dealers for the upgrades. Tesla as teamed up with AT&T to provide the software upgrades and is working in North America and Europe. After this they will roll out the upgrades to their market in Southeast Asia.

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