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Android 4.4 will be called as KitKat – says Google

Google announced yesterday that it named the next version (i.e. android 4.4) of android as KitKat, which is licensed to Nestle – off course partnering with the company!


Sundar Pichai – chief of android revealed in Google+ post that android has surpassed the 1 billionth activation and the ver. 4.4 will be called as KitKat. This is the first time ever that Google has branded the android version as a licensed name as “KitKat”, previously it has gone for the generics such as eclair, donut, froyo (short for frozen yogurt), gingerbread, honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean.

Check complete history of android versions here in wikipedia.

According to a BBC report, Google said that there is no money exchanged or any deal happened between Google & Nestle regarding the usage brand name “KitKat”. This deal was already made during the Barcelona Mobile World Congress, which included the shipping of over 50 million android branded Nestle KitKat chocolate bars to over 19 countries across the globe was done secretly and till day there was absolutely no leakage to media. The deal was kept secret by Google & Nestle, despite the fact that packaging production began more than two months ago.

According to the official android kitkat website, Nestle & Google to hold a campaign to give users swags such as Nexus 7, Google Play credits and more with the android branded KitKat chocolate wrappers.

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