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Oculus unveils a new virtual reality headset prototype ‘Crescent Bay’

The world is probably waiting to see a virtual device which will give them the taste of originality in the virtual world. According to the reports, more that 800 developers were in California to try out the latest prototype headset from Oculus. Oculus has made quite a bit of development in the field after it was acquired by Facebook in March this year at $2 billion. Since the acquisition in March, this is the first public conference by Oculus and the company is looking forward to excel in the zone of virtual reality.Oculus unveils ‘Crescent Bay’, a different reality

The conference saw the arrival of more that 800 individuals who were eager to try out the ‘Crescent Bay’ prototype. Most of the individuals were looking forward to escape into the impossible world of dreams and virtual reality which was beyond the limits of imagination even a few months ago. The conference was not one of the well decorated ones, but had the engineers to demonstrate the working of the prototype headset to everyone who walked by the place.

Michael Abrash, the chief scientist of Oculus in an open statement announced he arrival of Virtual Reality and ensured that the world gets a strong hint towards  the intentions of Oculus. On the other hand, Nate Mitchell, head of the product under Ociulus stated that they have already added more that 300 games to the headset, which will allow the users to dive into Virtual Reality and explore the depths of imagination.

But as it seems that the Virtual Reality headset is not going great on some people. There have been reports of individuals falling sick, feeling disoriented after the demonstration. Oculus will have to find out a way to move over these issues!

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