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National Child Passenger Safety Week Aims at Enhancing the Safety of Kids

The National Child Passenger Safety Week is in progress and it aims at enhancing the traffic safety. It reminds people that the children in a car shall be seated on the booster seat, provided they are eight years old or lesser and until the height of 4 feet 9 inches.recommended-child-car-seat-graphic

Many times, it is seen that the seats are not installed in a proper way, or people are just not well informed about using these seats properly. The National Child Passenger Safety Week is aimed at feeding people with the right approach of child safety in a car. Another motive behind the child passenger safety week is to ensure that the people are informed about how tight the seat belt should be.

Securing the rear facing car seats with children until one year of age is a law, but the Californian Highway Patrol advocates extending the law for at least two years for enhanced safety. The passengers have to make sure that the kids do not have their heads higher than the car seat; otherwise there is an urge to get a new one.

The people don’t need to rush for getting the kids out of the car seat into the booster seat. Jennifer Rollin, who works with SAFE Kids Coalition says, “A booster seat keeps the seat belt at the right position for a child’s body, but doesn’t secure them in the car as a five point harness model does”.

Booster seats can come at a cost of 30 dollars. They are useful for the kid’s safety as they prevent the kid from cutting into the neck or stomach that could be injurious to the child. The people can also avail free car seats as long as they participate in the UC Davis Car Seat Safety Education Program. You don’t need to hop on to their network in order to qualify. In order to have more details, you can call on (916) 734-9798.

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