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Oculus Handheld Virtual Reality Controller to be unveiled soon

When it comes to the world of virtual reality devices, Oculus commands a big say in the market. One of the most notable products from Oculus is definitely the “Oculus Rift”, which eases the users into a virtual reality entertainment environment. The only shortcoming of the product is that it needs to get integrated with the other controllers from different manufacturers.sixense-oculus-rift-controller

The controllers are needed for the user in order to fire their guns and command other things in the entertainment mode. The shortcoming of Oculus Rift has been the center of discussion among the board members of the company lately and this is why we hear rumors about the exciting Virtual reality controller to be soon launched by Oculus.

According to the rumors on several websites, it can be understood that the controller will be designed by Oculus itself. It may also become the official controller for the virtual reality headset. It is also speculated that the product will be unveiled at the Oculus Virtual Reality Conference. If the controller is released any soon, it will be a huge bonus for the customers of Oculus Rift, who had been relying on controllers from other companies for their entertainment. According to rumors, the controller may be launched at the Oculus Connect Virtual Reality Conference taking place soon.

For the people who are interested in knowing the way with which users operate Oculus Rift now, we can tell you that they opt for controllers from other developers in the market. Sixense STEM is one of the third party controllers that are used for synchronization with Oculus Rift. STEM is a really effective game controller and it enables the headset users to give inputs more than just head movements.

In its FAQ section, Sixense stated:

We will continue to work closely with Oculus to make sure that the STEM System SDK and the Oculus Rift SDK are compatible. The Sixense Tuscany Demo is a good example of our collaboration.

The rumors also say that the new controller by Oculus may look like a traditional Xbox Controller or Wii Nunchuks. We really hope that the next Oculus conference brings a pleasant surprise for its fans.

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