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Emoji, Compass and iOS 8 support added to Pebble’s new firmware 2.5

If you have joined the ranks of people who cannot frame a sentence without filling little emoji’s, then you are in for a great news. This good news applies to the users of Pebble’s smartwatches. The company has made an official confirmation about the extended support for emoji’s in its latest Firmware 2.5 update.pebble-firmware-update

A brand new compass feature has also been involved in the new Firmware 2.5 update of Pebble. However, it is coined as a part of less colorful updates. The compass feature will help the user to find out the direction in which his wrist is pointing.

Pebble’s description also reads, “Pebble’s magnetometer is open for business! With our open SDK, developers can now build apps with compass and wayfinding features,”

A support is added to iOS 8 by Pebble too. In simpler words, you can receive the notification on the Pebble smartwatch when you have a message from a friend, etc. Once you remove the notifications from the Pebble smartwatch, they will automatically be removed from the iOS notification center.


For Pebblers, the DOMO watchface remained to be a forever favorite. Thousands of Pebblers have been impressed with the same. Since the time it has left the app store, it is heavily missed by the Pebblers. DOMO’s story does not have an immediate end, though; it will actually be back after partnering with Big Tent Entertainment. There will be many more tricks involved in it and it will surely be more magnificent than before.

The interface will make a sweat effect and it will purely depend on the temperature of the place you are currently at. It will also perform the angry moves if you move the wrist too much. There is a wholesome interactive experience with the smartwatch.

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