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Apple HealthKit has Cerner and Athenahealth to leverage the service

Apple Inc. is certainly giving a lot of importance to the various health related issues. The iPhone maker has teamed up with Cerner Corporation and Athenahealth Inc. to work in the field of providing health related support to the citizens. Apple Inc. will be working in tandem with Cerner Corporation and Athenahealth Inc. to develop applications which will act as a leverage to Apple’s mobile health service, HealthKit. The main aim of the efforts is to help the doctors monitor and identify the health related issues in a more precise manner. This will in turn allow the doctors to treat the individual in the correct way.Apple Inc. working with Cerner and Athenahealth to develop HealthKit

According to the statement issued by the Cerner Corporation and Athenahealth Inc. representatives, both the organizations are looking forward to designing integrations for Apple’s HealthKit. In an event of need, Apple is looking forward to make it much easier for the doctors to take a look at all the data at one place making the act of diagnosis much easier and effective. Interestingly, both the companies have worked to develop mobile applications aimed at targeted patients of various sorts.

Apple plans to launch the applications compatible with Apple’s HealthKit on the App Store. Presently, there exists a bug which is preventing Apple from launching the applications. According to the rumors, he applications will be launched by the end of the month for sure. In a statement, Apple’s representative has said that they will be working long and hard with ‘focused smaller organizations’ to develop a system much more solid and useful. Apple Inc. thinks that the field of experimentation with HealthKit is unlimited and they can do a whole lot of things with it!

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