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Toyota recalls 20,000 new vehicles over possible fuel leakage

Although it might be just another day for you, but for Toyota and the automobile industry, it was a day of repetition of the same story all along. On September 18th, Toyota announced that the car maker will be recalling approximately about 20,000 new vehicles from Northern parts of the United States. According to the reports, Toyota is being forced to make the recall owing to the issues related to leakage of fuel. The car maker has said that the risk involved is huge and in case of wrong turn of events, casualties may also occur. Thus, it is better to fix the issues.Toyota joins the list; recalls 20,000 new vehicles1

According to the reports, the Japanese car maker will be recalling cars from the models 2014 Avalon, Highlander, Sienna, 2015 Lexus RX, Camry vehicles. The defective part of the vehicle is the tight hand fuel delivery pipe to the engine. The fault is of the manufacturing unit as the joints should have been welded in a much proper way. The risk is that during the injection of fuel, if there happens to be a leak, then the car will be subjected to high possibility of a fire.

Additionally, it is not just the fire that can result in casualties. Other incidents like sudden stalling of the car on the highway, excess consumption of fuel, resulting in extra load on the engine can also cause major or minor accidents. Although, Toyota has claimed that it is not aware of any vehicular fire or crashes resulting in injuries or casualties due to the following defect.

The car maker has also said that the customers do not need to panic as the Toyota dealers will look into the pipes and in case the car has a defect, the defective part will be replaced with a new one.

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