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The first iPhone 6 buyer drops it accidentally on live TV in Perth

Whether we call it a rushed amateurism or sweaty paws, the person who waited for a long time outside the Apple Store has got the Apple iPhone 6 before anyone does, but he also dropped the iPhone before anyone does.iphone-6-dropped

The incident occurred near an Apple Store in Perth, Australia, when Perth’s local news reported called the first buyer ‘Jack’ for an interview, right at the spot. And when Jack tried to open the box which contained the new iPhone 6, the device has been dropped onto the sidewalks, accidentally. When the device has been dropped by Jack on live TV, the other iPhone customers who were in queue shouted loudly with “woahs” and “sh*ts.” Suddenly, Jack grabbed his fallen iPhone 6 and checked the display and put it into the box safely.

Later, Jack tweeted “Hey Apple Store – thought I would let you know the phone passed my ‘world famous’ drop test.” At last, gravity has been discovered after that kid launched his first Apple of the year!

Millions of Apple iPhone 6 consumers spent their early hours of today morning waiting, camping outside Apple Stores across the world, where the new device goes on sale. Many fanboys have even waited for more than a week to get their hands on the device before anyone else does. Many of the consumers have camped since the August-end, only relying on the surrounded rumors of possible iPhone 6 launch.

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