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Qualcomm reveals Snapdragon 810 capabilities at the Uplinq conference

At the Uplinq Conference in San Francisco on Thursday, Qualcomm demonstrated the graphic capabilities of the Snapdragon 810 which will be released in tablets, smartphones and other devices by next year.qualcomm-uplinq-event

Qualcomm hopes that the HD graphics in the processor will make the chipset stand apart from its rivals. The demonstration was aimed at revealing the features and that the processor is ready for the release. A 3D image of a sports car was rendered by the chip and the color and texture output revealed that the chip could render surface texture and reflections.

“Qualcomm has received the first samples of the Snapdragon 810 from its manufacturer and the chip will be in the products in the first half of next year,” said Raj Talluri, Head of project management at the conference.

Though NVIDIA has demonstrated a similar Tegra K1 processor that is used in Shield gaming tablets the processor is yet to catch up on popularity in mobile devices. Snapdragon chipsets are widely used in tablets and smartphones and the 810 is the latest from the company. Several features of the Snapdragon 810 processor are from the chipset’s Adreno 430 GPU, which supports devices with 4K displays. The older Snapdragon displays cannot play 4K videos on the device itself.

The Snapdragon 810 chipset features eight ARM cores and will be able to download data using LTE with 300 Mbps speed. The Uplink conference, which runs for two days aimed at developers. The conference promotes Snapdragon chips in robots, gadgets and virtual reality headsets. More details of the chipset is available on the company’s website.

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