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Senators in favor of the FCC backing off from the Net Neutrality Rules

Net Neutrality had been the center of attention in the last few months and the U.S. Federal Commission was strapping a shackle effectively on most search engines. However, the Republican Senators and advocates have stated on Wednesday that the Net Neutrality rules will hurt the investors and employment of broadband in most regions.us-senate

There are few problems in the Net Neutrality rules have been pointed out by the Senators and they have argued about the same before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Senator Orrin Hatch, who is Utah Republican, stated “Without government regulation the Internet is growing, so what’s the problem? What is broken? What is it that needs to be fixed?” Apart from this statement by Orrin Hatch, the Texas Republican, Senator Ted Cruz provided a six minute speech in which he pointed out the evil consequences that the Net Neutrality may have.

Cruz also stated that whenever the debate about Net Neutrality reaches the boundaries of Washington, D.C., “it stirs up an interesting debate between government regulations versus, to some, the terrifying freedom of the Internet; I think the American people don’t find that freedom all that terrifying.”

Although the hearing of Judicial Committee does not have any impact on the rule making process of FCC in respect of Net Neutrality, but the Senators are advocating the backing off of the FCC from Net Neutrality. Republicans oppose the passing of Net Neutrality legislation, but it would not have a major impact since the Democrats are in favor of Net Neutrality rules.

The CEO at the digital rights group, Nuala O’Connor expressed her concern about the broadband users problems with the segmentation of internet into fast and slow lanes. An ample of people have come forward and delivered their comments in favor of strong Net Neutrality rules.

There is a little possibility that the FCC will back off from imposing the Net Neutrality rules but only time will tell.

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  1. In 1998, Democratic Senators Ron Wyden and John Kerry (among others) wrote a letter to then FCC Chairman William Kennard asking that the FCC not classify ISPs as telecommunications carriers (i.e., subject them to Title II, common carrier regulation). Here are some quotes:

    "We wish to make it clear that nothing in the 1996 Act or its legislative history suggests that Congress intended to alter the current classification of Internet and other information services or to expand traditional telephone regulation to new and advanced services."

    "Were the FCC to reverse its prior conclusions and suddenly subject some or all information service providers to telephone regulation, it seriously would chill the growth and development of advanced services to the detriment of our economic and educational well-being."

    "Some have argued that Congress intended that the FCC's implementing regulations be expanded to reclassify certain information service providers, specifically Internet Service Providers (ISPs), as telecommunications carriers. Rather than expand regulation to new service providers, a critical goal of the 1996 Act was to diminish regulatory burdens as competition grew. Significantly, this goal has been the springboard for sound telecommunications policy throughout the globe and underscores U.S. leadership in this area. The FCC should not act to alter this approach."

    The letter is available here:


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