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Apple Inc. redesigns privacy policy and strengthens security

The situation is not just with Apple Inc. but with the majority of the organizations. With the incidents of leaks of passwords and hacking of data, most of the top technical companies seem to have decided to take an extra level of protection such that things can be handled in the future. Apple Inc., which has just suffered a huge blow with the leaks of private photographs of celebrities seems to have taken the first major step. The photo leak scandal did raise quite a few eyebrows as it signified that not even the celebrities are safe amidst the technology.Apple Inc. redesigns privacy policy and strengthens security

Apple CEO Tim Cook is all out trying to make amends to the issue, stating that the company does not handle the user’s personal information in a wrong way. Tim Cook has in fact reassured the customers that Apple Inc. is extremely protective towards the data that you have on your iPhone, iPad or iCloud. With the redefined privacy policy, Tim Cook plans to answer the critics who gave Apple a hard time after the incident.

Most of the experts slammed the iPhone maker owing to the leaks. They even talked a lot about the security systems that they have and the faults in them. Apple Inc. has now urged its users to take on the two step verification process such that the data can be kept more secure. There were even rumors about Apple sharing information with op secret government agencies, but Tim Cook has negated the statement by calling it a hoax.

Apple has just launched two different models of iPhone and Watch in the market and thus it seems obvious that the company is looking forward to stitch back the reputation before the devices hit the global markets.

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