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Amazon unveils six new upgraded Kindle tablets and Fire OS 4.0

Amazon launched six new Kindle devices on Wednesday including a high-end Kindle Voyage e-reader priced at $179 and a budget touchscreen e-reader priced at $79.

The budget e-reader will include touchscreen and is priced 15 percent more than the previous basic model. A new Kindle Fire HD tablet was launched, priced at $99. A mini version of the tablet with a 6-inch display designed for kids will be priced at $149. The company also launched upgraded versions of the 7-inch and 8.9 inch Kindle Fire tablets. The company is also investing in content to stream HBO shows to users who are part of the Amazon Prime subscription.


“A vast majority of readers is still using the tablets,” said David Limp, Vice president of devices for Amazon.

The Kindle Voyage is aimed at premium consumers, which is he thinnest device made by Amazon and is similar to a paper book. The basic e-reader priced at $79 is aimed at introducing the user to e-readers in markets like China, India, Japan and Germany. The device has a lower resolution when compared to the Kindle Paperwhite though the introduction to the basic readers users might attract them to try out an upgraded model.

Chief Executive Jeff Bezos stated that the new Kindle lineup is aimed at retaining users and bolster its core business of retail and shopping. Amazon has offered the Kindle devices at a lower cost and generated revenue via in-app purchases and goods. The new lineup of Kindle devices will start shipping in October.

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