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Apple releases iOS 8 to users with new features and security fixes

Apple iOS 8 was released to users on Wednesday that included several security fixes, new features while a bug in the Healthkit app held back its release by a month in the new OS.


The camera includes a timer to set time for taking the perfect selfie and the countdown is displayed on the top. Another feature allows photos to be shared from Flipboard, Snapchat directly and apps access to photos can be set. The time of a sent message can now be seen and multiple photos and videos can be sent. A new “details’ section displays the attachments that are shared in a conversation. The details can be erased by a long press on an attachment.


Apple has posted a long list of security vulnerabilities and included a note that mentions “iOS 8 contains changes to some diagnostic capabilities.” Earlier iOS allowed people with unauthorized access to connect wirelessly to an iPad or iPod which provided access to sensitive user information. The company has provided this major fix after security expert Jonathan Zdziarski revealed the “backdoor” bug in the OS. Another major security fix is the tracking by Wi-Fi MAC address that had provided user ID to anyone on a network to access the phone and install malicious apps without the user’s knowledge.


The company found a bug in the Healthkit app just before the iOS 8 release and confirmed its availability by the end of the month. Apple had to remove apps like MyFitnessPal and CarrotFit that sync with Healthkit app. WebMD spokesperson Adam Grossberg stated that the previous version of their app (v5.2) will be back at the store on a temporary basis. Apple added that they are working on an updated version of the Healthkit app.

The iOS 8 update will use 5GB of space on the iPad, iPhone or 5th generation iPod. The latest OS contains several security fixes and notable changes in the keyboard, notifications, selfies and messages. Apple has opened up access to third-party keyboards similar to Android and typing will be faster due to the updated predictive text input. Notifications have undergone a major change where users can reply to messages from the lock screen. Facebook notifications, Tweets, Whatsapp messages and more can be viewed on the banners on the lock screen.

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