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NVIDIA upgrades SHIELD tablet; now features 4G LTE and 32GB storage

NVIDIA has launched the new NVIDIA Shield tablet that will feature 32GB internal storage with 4G LTE capabilities and is open for pre-order in the US and Europe.nvidia-shield-4g-lte

The Shield tablet features a 192-core Tegra K1 processor, 2GB of RAM and an 8-inch 1920×1200 display screen. The portable device claims to be the ‘ultimate tablet for gamers’ and also includes front-facing speakers, dual-bass reflex port and a built-in microphone. The tablet is fully unlocked and will support more than 70 carriers worldwide. The Shield will be the first device to offer Twitch and game streaming from PC’s via Nvidia’s Grid.

“Now you can buy the Shield tablet with 4G LTE capabilities for streaming movies, music, Twitch, and playing your favorite multiplayer games, like War Thunder on the go,” said Mithun Chandrasekar, Technical Marketing Manager at NVIDIA.

Users of the new gaming tablet will receive a $100 credit from AT&T after activation along with an option of adding the device to mobile data plans priced at $10 per month. NVIDIA has provided a significant upgrade to the existing Shield WiFi variant that comes with 16GB of internal storage and the data plans will further provide a boost to the tablet sales. The company offering is aimed for more storage space for games and data connectivity that will certainly attract gamers.

The tablet can now be pre-ordered in the US and Europe, though the release date in other worldwide markets was not revealed. The older 16Gb variant is priced at $299 while the new Shild 4G LTE tablet will be priced at $399 and will start shipping by September 30.

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