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HTC Mini+ remote for smartphones – price and installation details

To whatever extent multi-tasking will grow, it will always have one limitation left inside. Any kind of multi-tasking will not allow you to use internet with calling pad (making calls simultaneously). But sometimes it becomes necessary to use internet during calls. It is especially the case when we have to dictate some web result to the call receiving end. We can anytime access already stored web pages during calls but it creates problems with live streaming and surfing. But now you don’t need to worry about such issues. HTC is going to solve all such problems.


With the latest HTC accessory HTC Mini+, you can easily integrate your HTC smartphone with a remote like hardware tool. This remote will work as a hardware extension for making phone calls while you are surfing/browsing internet on your smartphone. It can be used for capturing images from a distance as well. Also you can use it as TV remote control (with some devices only).

How HTC Mini+ works?

HTC Mini+ can be paired up with smartphone or TV via Bluetooth network (your smartphone needs to have Bluetooth environment for using this tool). It works for multi-media streaming through HTC Media Link HD.

HTC Mini+ Price and Installation:

Price of HTC Mini+ in international market is $50. In order to use it, you need to pair it up with Bluetooth enabled HTC device. Once it is interfaced with your smartphone, you will be able to use the additional keypad for making/receiving calls, capturing distant images and controlling TV options remotely.

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