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HTC to unveil a GoPro-like Action Camera soon

GoPro is a sensational product in the market that is creating a huge buzz around it. Inspired by the legacy of GoPro, HTC has planned to develop a camera that would work on the similar terms with GoPro, predominantly be an ‘Action camera.’ It is interesting to note that this is the first time HTC is producing a camera.HTC2-645x250

The camera is under development stage now and is expected to be waterproof. It will be designed for the extreme sport activities, as reported by Bloomberg. The camera will be equipped with a 16 MP sensor along with an ultra wide angle lens. The camera will synchronize well with the Android and iOS devices for easy upload.

When HTC spokesperson was confronted, he refused to comment anything about the camera. HTC is now looking to capture the action camera market after seeing the progress of GoPro in the recent stages.

According to Bloomberg, the camera will be having a tube shape. Bluetooth as well as WiFi will be used to connect the camera with smartphones. An android and an iOS app are also on the fringe by HTC to go along with the new action camera.

The device may be announced by HTC at an event in New York on October 8. There is a wave of excitement among the fans after rumors about the action camera.

Not only HTC but the other companies are also entering the action camera market with Ricoh announcing its camera WG-M1, which is known to be waterproof to 10 meters. It is dust proof and cold proof too. HTC will definitely have a stiff competition from this camera. We will have to wait and see how the new action camera from HTC fares in the market. Only time will tell.

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