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AT&T to add Wi-Fi calling support to new iPhones in 2015

AT&T has announced that it will bring Wi-Fi calling support to iPhone 6 series in 2015 and will become the second carrier after T-Mobile which currently offers the feature in the US.att-logo-emblem

The company already offers public Wi-Fi to customers by partnering with companies. The company’s CEO Ralph De La Vega sees this move for boosting the services and not for boosting network coverage. T-Mobile was the only carrier in the US to offer the Wi-Fi calling feature for iPhones. De la Vega stated that operators with lesser network coverage may pursue providing the service aggressively when asked about the company lagging behind the competitors.

“We don’t have a burning desire or need for coverage,” said Ralph De La Vega in a statement.

De la Vega is unsure about the reliability of the Wi-Fi calling feature between GSM and Wi-Fi networks. The new feature is more reliable over LTE, but AT&T voice over LTE has not been rolled out yet.AT&T feels that non-LTE networks could cause a drop in calls as Wi-Fi networks do not have a stable range. T-Mobile claimed that the Wi-Fi calling had nothing to do with network coverage and CEO John Legere said Why not do it? During a press conference on Wednesday.

T-Mobile had rolled out the feature in June for the new iOS 8 on iPhone 6 that supports Wi-Fi calling feature and uses cellular signal automatically, once the signal is out of range. There are more wireless carriers expected to join the competition in offering the feature to iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

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