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Kia EV Soul to be priced at $33,700

Hyundai Motors have ultimately announced the price for their first all electric vehicle. Kia Soul EV which is a complete electric car has been priced by Hyundai at $33,700. This is going to be the base price of the car when it arrives in the United States during the fall this year. Hyundai Motors made the official announcement on September 11. The car will be launched in the United States during the Fall this year.Kia EV Soul to be priced at $33,700

Kia EV Soul is expected to deliver an average run of approximately 93 miles on one complete charge. This statistic is around 9-10 miles more than the nearest competitor Nissan Leaf. Nissan Leaf is priced a little less compared to Kia EV Soul but by Hyundai’s own HVAC system which saves power, EV will certainly be ahead of Leaf at any instance. The HVAC system senses the presence of individuals in the car and adjusts the cooling and the heating systems based on it.

In a statement, Michael Sprague, the executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at KIA Motors USA said that they are extremely confident of the Kia EV Soul and the car does have the combination of technology which will make it one of the best in future. The sales and marketing section of KIA Motors are presently looking forward to launch the car in California, which is probably in dire needs of an emission-less vehicle. Kia also has plans to offer leasing on the Soul EV which will certainly add to the marketing of the car and help in increasing the sales.

The fact is, the world needs vehicles with less emissions and with the features like Kia EV Soul, it will be interesting to see how the buyers react. Some people are of the idea that this is the starting of the period of evolution in vehicles.

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