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Activision’s Destiny game makes $500 million in 24 hours of launch

Activision announced that $500 million worth Destiny copies were shipped in the first day of its launch, but the actual sales figures were not revealed.activision-destiny

The company has mentioned the amount of copies that were shipped to retailers while the consumer sales were not reported. The $500 million was the same amount which Activision has invested in the game’s development and promotion. Destiny has been touted  “the new video game franchise launch in history” by the company and is happy about the successful launch.

“Based on the extraordinary audience demand, first party orders worldwide have exceeded $500 million for Destiny” said Activision Blizzard after the launch.

However, Gamespot observed that the actual game sales will actually be lower as Activision has published a sell-in of $1 billion and $800 million in sales during the first day of the launch. The company is confident of huge sales as the series is different from the other two games. Activision Publishing Chief Executive Eric Hirshberg stated that his company had more confidence than ever that ‘Destiny’ will become one of the iconic franchises of the generation.

Destiny has already become the highest pre-ordered game in gaming history after it was on sale on Tuesday. Gamers lined up in more than 11,000 stores worldwide for Bungie’s next game ‘Halo’. The detailed review of the game and actual sales figures will be revealed in the coming days. Hirshberg thanked his talented team for making this happen and its partners at Bungie for the successful launch. ‘Destiny’ designers have described their job like building an amusement park and he real fun begins once the players start flowing in.

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