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HP to buy Eucalyptus; sets eye on Cloud Computing

Hewlett-Packard is gearing up to take its hold on the cloud to another level. The unveiling about the deal between Eucalyptus and HP does tell us a lot about the plans in store. According to the reports, Hewlett-Packard is in the final stages of a deal leading to the acquisition of Eucalyptus, a software manufacturing firm. The software manufacturing firm is well-known among the associates as a provider of open-source software. None of the parties have made any efforts to disclose the terms of the deal.HP to buy Eucalyptus; sets eye on Cloud Computing

With the closure of the deal between HP and Eucalyptus, Eucalyptus Chief Executive Marten Mickos will join the organization as the senior Vice President and General Manager of the Cloud segment of HP. The position is being held by Martin Fink. According to the reports, HP plans to invest approximately about $1 billion in the next two years to develop cloud computing and the tools required. HP has always shown a great amount of interest in Cloud Computing.

The organization is already up and running with the future plans, as HP has already struck a deal last month with Beijing Union Read Information Technology Ltd. to develop community clouds in China. The company was not among the best of business in recent times until the last quarter, which lead to an increase of the revenue by 1.3%.

One thing is for sure that HP in collaboration with Eucalyptus can certainly provide a lot of aid to cloud computing. With the scope that cloud computing has in the recent times, HP will be looking forward to make a strong statement.

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