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Verizon to unveil a digital TV service in 2015

Verizon Communications are willing to launch Internet-based television service by the mid of 2015. Installation of Web-TV services could swipe off cable TV providers by tempting subscribers with cheaper as well as more flexible options.Verizon

As per CEO Lowell McAdam, “We are very focused on probably late first half of 2015 having products like this in the marketplace”, said at an industry conference in New York.

“It’s moved from a stiff-arm to more of an embrace”, he said, that over the last six months a year, the dialogue with providers has “changed dramatically” and there are no doubts in between.

And he also suggested that his company hopes to provide a bundle with all major broadcasting partners (ABC, CBS, NBC, & FOX) with “custom channel” (example DreamWorks, Animation’s, and Awesomeness TV) as per the requirement of users.

The expectation that n to cable TV could finally become a reality, but also may result a competition in developing such similar products with Sony Corp, Dish Network Corp & Direct TV etc. McAdam said Verizon would be open to selling some of its towers if the price was right.

Verizon plans to develop a live video service “go commercial” with a LTE multicast product as early as 2015, involving live video distribution over mobile network using bandwidth-friendly LTE multicast technology, says CFO Fran Shammo. With the help of Verizon Digital Media Service unit (VDMS), Verizon also operates a cloud-based video delivery system for developing a live video service that will be delivered on mobile networks.

Once the network gets ready to launch the multicast, he said “we won’t go commercial with that until 2015, but the network will be ready”. Verizon expects to start to embed chips with those capabilities into handsets later this year, Shammo said.

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