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Apple iWatch: 5 things we know so far

Internet has been loaded with tons of upcoming iWatch rumors and still its been continuous filling too. However, iWatch will be announced by Apple at IFA, Berlin on September 9 along with iPhone 6. Latest leaks and other information in the internet confirm us a few things that can be expected from the upcoming iWatch.apple-iwatch

1: iWatch tells the time: It is a wearable, Apple has made its effort to make this device as a perfect one and resembles like a real watch. We can call it as a smartwatch, so we can confirm that the device shows time pretty well.

2: iWatch monitors your health: It’s strongly believed that the iWatch may feature a health-tracking sensors that allows you to monitor your health conditions. Still, it’s been unknown, what are things that can be tracked from the sensors. iWatch may be used to monitor medical functions such as blood pressure, heart-rate and other basic functions.

3: iWatch comes in two sizes: iWatch has two variants, one with a smaller screen (1.3 inch version) and another with 2.5 inch large screen. This lets the people choose the iWatch depending upon their preferences.

4: iWatch will be an iPhone extension: Even though, it comes with iOS, the device have to be paired with iPhone for sending text messages and also for receiving phone calls. It acts as an extension of your iPhone, and the device will let you to display the various notifications right from your iPhone.

5: iWatch has a curved display: As far we know, the smartwatch comes with curvy ends that looks similar to the real piece of jewelry. It is not sure that the device may feature a significant curved display, but we can expect a slight curve in the display of the device.

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