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Google to bring its own LastPass-like feature in the new Chrome browser

Google is testing out a new password generator in the demo version of the Chrome browser similar to third-party software like LastPass and 1Password.google-chrome-password-generator

Chrome Canary, an experimental version of the browser was added with the password generator in its new interface. Launched in 2012, the optional feature was tested out on Thursday and will be further updated before it makes into the stable version of the Chrome browser. Google employee and Chrome watcher Francois Beaufort mentioned that the password generator is developed using the C library tool and FIPS 181 automated password generator that generates a “strong” password.

To try out the password generator on Chrome Canary, users must enable two flags, chrome://flags/#enable-password-generation and chrome://flags/#enable-save-password-bubble which would open up an overlay which suggests new passwords. However, Google has warned about the experimental feature that might crash. If the service gets included in the stable version of the Chrome browser, it would notify when the user requires a password and will be saved to the user’s Chrome passwords.

LastPass and 1Password are popular services that provides strong passwords by using various combinations. Google’s entry into the password generating segment will influence other browser companies to develop their own services and increase the competition in the market. Though Google is still testing out the feature and has a lot of work to do, the service will give tough competition to the existing third-party apps in the market.

Security researchers are the main users of password generators to defend themselves from hackers. Recently, Apple had also urged users to use password generators after nude celebrity photos were leaked online by hackers due to easy-to-guess passwords.

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