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Uber drivers upset with the paychecks, the passengers by the application

Uber Continues to have its own series of talk owing to various reasons. In fact the majority of the issues related to Uber that are coming up in the recent times is not related to the kind of performance that the organization is providing. As it seems, the users are more than satisfied with the kind of performance that is being delivered. The truth is it would have been much better if Uber were in news with relation to issues like good performance or bad performance. Instead, the majority of the new that turns up includes acts where other ride sharing bodies are blaming Uber of something unethical or the Uber is blaming someone else of something wrong.Uber drivers upset with the paychecks, the passengers by the application

With the recent turn of events, Uber is back in the news to a certain extent owing to the words put forward from their own drivers. According to the reports, some of the drivers officially enlisted by Uber are complaining about the fact that the payments are not as it were promised. Most of the Uber drivers claim that the organization promised a much higher income compared to what they are being paid right now.

Most of the drivers who joined the Uber team were promised a 80-20 split of the revenue. But this does not seem to be the case. The drivers also claim that the paycheck includes various kinds of deductions including a one for the smartphone that they use for the Uber application. This has created a huge amount of disappointment among the drivers might very well be thinking of other terms in case the differences continue.

On the other hand, the passengers have claimed a different kind of disappointment as the driver mentioned in the application and the real one are not always the same. According to the reports, there have been instances where the Uber app has shown a different driver and the one who came up with the car was completely different. Although there are no reports of any incidents, but the passengers are worried that whether this is a glitch in the application or some other issue!

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