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Toyota backs out from R&D of driverless cars; wants to improve safety measures

Just when the scenario was looking bright for the driver-less cars, some of the car-makers seem to have backed out of the proposition. It is undoubted that the technology involving driverless cars are hugely fascinating, but some people are not yet fully convinced about the feasibility of the cars on the roads. The main reason behind the doubts regarding the driverless cars is that the experts think that landing two different genres of cars on the same road might lead to clash of human intellect and the logics of a technology.Toyota backs out of manufacturing driver-less cars; needs to improve technology and safety measures

Along with Google, Toyota was one of the major investors in the field of driverless cars, but it seems that the car maker has temporarily backed out of the proposition. According to the statement, the car maker does not completely rule out the possibility of a driver-less car, but presently Toyota has enough doubts. According to Toyota’s deputy Chief of Safety Technology, Seigo Kuzumaki, the main aim of the company is the efficiency of the vehicles along with the safety of the customers. The company is not interested in making the vehicles devoid of drivers until it is completely sure that the technology is able enough to provide security to the riders.

On the other, companies like Toyota are also not very much sure that whether a driverless car is the requirement of the time as well. According to the officials, there exists a lot of doubt about the needs of the car in the present financial situation. Thus, in case the markets and the demands are not enough, self-driving cars can very well prove to be a financial disaster.

Interestingly, Google is sill quite sure that its driverless cars will meet the demands of the customers and will be productive for the company. According to them, many people are looking forward to a vehicle where they will not be required to drive while they are on a long trip or on a drive with their families where they can enjoy more time with the loved ones. In spite of the various good things, there still lingers enough doubts in the minds about the risks involved as humans will have no control over the cars.

The proposition made by the California Department of Motor Vehicles seems a better choice to go with presently. According to them, the driver-less cars should be built in such a way that there exists features which will allow the riders to take control of the car in case of emergency situations. Although this does not make a complete driver-less car, but is good enough to start. The car makers can take a leaf out of the performance of the partially driver-less cars and implement it to develop the technology.

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