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Fanboys lining up outside Apple Store days before the new iPhone unveiling

As Apple’s iPhone event to be unfolded in a day, iPhone fans have started lining up outside Apple Store on 5th Avenue, New York to buy iPhone 6 smartphones (may be it would be called as iPhone Pro and iPhone Air).apple-store-new-york-queue

If you think that these eagerly waiting iPhone customers are Apple fanboys, you are wrong. First four spots have been occupied by the people for marketing of an iOS 8 app and a used mobile phone sales firm, while the first two spots have been occupied by the actress Moon Ray and her husband Jason Ray to promote an iOS 8 health app called as VideoMedicine, who also paid $2500 to get the first two spots to those who now sit in third and fourth spots.

Speaking to CNBC, the couple hasn’t forget to market their sponsors VideoMedicine. They said that the app for patients can help them to have telemedicine sessions with their doctors to avoid travelling to the clinics for a consultation. According to the couple, their sponsors chose New York’s App Store because they believe it as the best place to start the promotion as half of the population don’t have their own private car and hence can’t move to a clinic quickly when in need.

The third and fourth spot has been occupied by the cousins Brian Ceballo and Joseph Cruz, who were sponsored by a used phones and gadgets reseller company BuyBackWorld. Ceballo said they have the previous record of 15 days of waiting outside the New York App Store for iPhone 5 and they want to break the record. If Apple announces the next-gen iPhone on Tuesday, then the device might enter into the Apple Store in 10 days. Hence, they would have to wait for about 19 days in their spots. They were waiting outside the store since August 31st to make the wait longer to break the record.

The cousins as well as the Ray couple are paid by their sponsors for their time, phones and food. Notably, Moon Ray said that she hasn’t owned any of the iPhone models yet and this is her first purchase of an iPhone. She looks excited and said that she would like to buy the iPhone with the sapphire crystal display, as it’s in rumors.

As of now, there are no official statements by Apple regarding the launch of the new iPhones. But, rumors as well as recent invitations by Apple to its Tuesday event at the IFA 2014 event held in Berlin made people to believe in the possibility of iPhone 6 launch.


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