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Apple adds security alerts to iCloud, following the nude celebrity photos leak

Apple had added security alerts to iCloud after the recent leak of nude celebrity photos though the company claims that its server was not hacked and only the targeted accounts were compromised.apple-icloud-logo

On Friday Apple CEO Tim Cook said that the company would send an email and push notifications to users in case if anyone tries to reset a password, restore iCloud data or while logging into a new device in a statement to the Wall Street Journal. Currently, users receive emails only if the there is a password reset or logging into a new device. Cook mentioned that the he new features will come into effect in two weeks.

“When I step back from this terrible scenario that happened and say what more could we have done, I think about the awareness piece,” said Cook.

The move comes after several nude photos of celebrities were leaked online that were accessed via iCloud. The celebrities are seen holding an iPhone, which meant they used iCloud to store the photos though Apple denied any intrusion in iCloud. Cook felt that the company had created more awareness regarding the hacking of accounts.

Last year, Apple had introduced an optional two layer security for iCloud servers where a four-digit code should be entered each time a user signs in to iCloud. In case of wrong entry of 14-digit recovery code or password, the Apple ID will be permanently locked. The company has started urging users to use difficult to guess passwords  and enable two layer authentication.

Apple has blamed the simple passwords of the users for the intrusion by hackers. Hackers use the popular method of guessing passwords, trying questions of using spam emails to hack the data of celebrities.


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