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Tesla’s battle with Automobile Dealers Association intensifies in Georgia

Electric cars certainly have a bright future ahead of them as some day or the other humans will have to resort to other means of vehicular fuels than petroleum. One will also accept the fact that the United States will turn out as one of the best breeding grounds for the electric cars. But presently, Georgia in the United States is the battleground of the struggle between the most powerful associations of automobile dealers and California-based car maker, Tesla. The major Automobile Dealers Associations of the United States have had a difference of opinion with Tesla for a long time now and the saga continues in Georgia.130517135909-tesla-store-620xa

According to the reports, the Georgia auto dealers association has claimed that the car maker has obtained the automobile dealers license in an inappropriate way. As a remedy, the association has requested the state to ban Tesla from making any direct sale of car models in the state. The association has in turn demanded that the authorization of Tesla should be removed and the car maker should not be allowed to make direct sales ever again.

With this accusation, Tesla finds itself in a spot of bother. If the proposal of the association is accepted by the state three stores in Atlanta will suffer the most. Tesla has not made any public comment regarding the accusation put forward by Georgia Automobiles Association. According to the sources, Tesla is gearing up for a strong defense in case things go down to the court.

The main reason the major Automobile dealers associations are against the direct sales from Tesla because it hampers their business to a certain extent. Unlike most of the other car makers, Tesla holds the provision to sell cars directly to the buyers. This in turn created a negative competition for the deals who are also looking forward for business.

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