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Apple explains to developers why some apps were rejected from the App Store

Apple has published a list of ‘common app rejections’ on the developer page that explains the reasons for rejection of certain apps.app-store-10b

The company has also listed the top ten reasons on why the apps might be rejected. Several reasons like substandard user interface, apps that crash, bugs, displaying ads incorrectly and many others. Developers will be able to prevent rejection of apps by learning the guide. Apple mentions that a developer should submit an app for review only after completion of the app.

“Before you develop your app, it’s important to become familiar with the technical, content and design criteria that we use to review all apps,” said the page.

Apple has compiled the reasons based on a 7-day period during the week ending on Aug 28 and the top reason for rejection of apps was due to lack of enough information. Developers are urged to fill-up app Review Information on iTunes Connect during submitting and app and submitting one app at a time.

Developers should provide complete and latest contact information. Apps can also be rejected if they do not have enough lasting value’ where the apps lack functionality or content. During the creation of an app, similar apps can be viewed in the app store for creating a better user experience, Apple added.

The move comes after a large section of developers were confused on why the company was rejecting the apps every month. The latest publication will certainly help Apple and developers to develop compatible apps and making the review process easier.

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