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Tesla Model S is the least stolen car in the United States

We all love records and companies love to create more and more records to beat the competitor. And, if the record is something out of the box, the majority of the companies will love to have it by their name. Presently, the Tesla Model S Sedan is enjoying one such record and Tesla must be proud of it. According to the reports, the Tesla Model S Sedan  is one of the least stolen cars in the whole of the United States. What makes the achievement even more interesting is the fact that the model was not even on the list last year.Tesla Model S Sedan is the least stolen car in the United States

The year 2013 had seen a huge competition between 8 cars for the position of the least stolen car in the United States. The competition ended in a tie between the 8 models. The least stolen cars of the year 2013 include Volkswagen Tiguan, Toyota Matrix, Acura RDX, Dodge Journey, Audi A4, Hyundai Tucson, Lexus HS 250 hybrid and Honda CR-V. All the cars maintained a ratio of 0.4 in to hold a tied position as the least stolen car. But this year Tesla Model S Sedan has achieved an all time low score of 0.15 to claim the position.

Tesla has had a victory by unparalleled margin which also speaks volumes about the kind of security measures that the car maker has used. Model S is a very unlikely target for the thieves for various tracking features that it has. Additionally, a Tesla Model S Sedan can also be shutdown from a distant place, adding a lot of the security issues.

On the other hand, the lean patch for Honda Accord continues as the model has been named as one of the most stolen cars in the United States. The ratio is calculated with reference to the number of claims that a model has per 1000 productions. It will be interesting to see how does Tesla Model S Sedan fares in the long run.


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