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Revamped twitter timeline with new conversation view

Conversation is a popular feature in Twitter which helps users to interact with celebrities, discuss about sports and news. These conversations were not easy to follow though. On Wednesday Twitter released a revamped conversation timeline in desktop versions as well as on iOS and Android. The tweets in a conversation which would usually look cluttered will appear chronologically in your timeline. The tweets in a conversation will appear sequentially continued by a vertical blue line. More conversations can be viewed by tapping on one of the tweets.

Even though the update seems to be small, it is quite a good deal considering the frantic number of tweets in a conversation. Even though there are tweets in a blink of the eye, they are now slightly slow paced. Emailing entire conversations and more sharing features are also included in the update. People who are not on twitter can also view the tweets or conversations. A tweet can also be sent as a direct message on Android.


A “report tweet” button will be available for android users in the update which the iOS users had the features for a few weeks. In order to make the experience better in lower end phones like Samsung Galaxy Y and HTC Explorer twitter is reducing the size of  app to half of its original size to run more smoothly.

“We’ll continue to work on improvements targeted at entry-level Android smartphones, so that twitter is more accessible to people everywhere around the world” mentioned  the company’s blog on Wednesday. Democratic activists around the world view Twitter as an essential organizing tool and hence optimization is the key.

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