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iOS 7 beta bricking the non-developer iPhones

This is a bad news for the users who are enjoying the iOS 7 beta software on their iPhones for free without having to buy a developer account. As we know that someone has figured that one can install the latest iOS 7 beta on to their devices without having a developer account. As this way spread like a wildfire many of the users had installed the iOS 7 beta and enjoying it though there are some minor flaws which has been fixed for every update the Apple is rolling out.


Some of the users who are reading this post may also have installed it. Recently several reported that the iOS 7 beta is bricking the non developer handsets forcing them to roll back to iOS 6. There is no official statement from Apple about the bricking of non-developer handsets. If you have a bricked device then you can revert back to iOS 6 is the only way. If you are a developer and is your device bricked? Then you need to login to your account and update to latest iOS update. Many users who bricked their devices are on iOS 7 beta 3. They are unaware of the updates. Though the UI looks good so many people are using iOS 7 beta. If you are one with a bricked handset don’t bother to revert back to iOS 6. There is an event scheduled to Sep 10 in which Apple will release both their flagship and low cost handsets and also iOS 7. Wait for few days you will get the update of iOS 7 to your devices officially by Apple.

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