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Apple iWatch (iTime) won’t hit the market until 2015

Apple has planned to unveil its iWatch on September 9 along with Apple iPhone 6. But the device would not deliver into the hands of consumers until 2015 arrives. According to reports, Apple iWatch will arrive to the shop in the early 2015. John Paczkowski of Re/code reported that Apple iWatch isn’t shipping soon and he also informed that Apple iWatch release date is not clear.apple

Suppose, if the Apple iWatch debuts on September 9, the device will deliver to the consumers in February of next year. But, if the company focus on the production of the device, the company will deliver the first units in November of 2014 and it’s far away from the reality. Some leaks said that the product release may be delayed due to various issues related to bringing an Apple iWatch to market, includes manufacturing, system design, integration of hardware and software, etc.

Apple has started to send out the invitation to its September 9 event and everyone is widely expected the announcement of Apple iWatch and Apple iPhone 6. Some reports say that Apple iWatch will be powered by OLED or other version of the touch screen and also comes with a modified version of iOS especially made for the upcoming Apple iWatch.

Due to the bottleneck manufacturing problems, Apple iWatch might come with ordinary glasses for touchscreen rather than sapphire glass. The device will be acting as  an excellent accessory for the iPhone and also an excellent gadget for monitoring health conditions of the users.

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The much awaited wearable device from Apple is likely to be called the iWatch or iTime and Apple watcher John Gruber has mentioned the device as a “wrist wearable thing.” With a growing market for wearable devices, the company will face competition from LG, Motorola, Samsung and others who have launched a series of wearable devices. Gruber posted on his website Daring Fireball regarding the possible launch of iWatch in September.

“It looks like Motorola’s designers tried to draw as much attention as they could to the 360′s flat-tire display shape. The only way this could get funnier would be if it doesn’t even ship until after Apple announces their wrist wearable thing next month,” said Gruber.

The upcoming iPhone featured with Apple A8 Processor and also it comes with two models 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch model. Apple has powered iPhone 6 with more efficient processor and it has a super-slim design that makes you to jaw-drop. The upcoming iPhone 6 has sapphire glass that makes the device more resistant to scratches, and Quantum Dots Display will make the device to run longer time.

The latest leaks for the upcoming Apple iPhone 6′s ‘Apple logo’ on rear panel lights up for notifications. Till now, the front design of the device was found through many rumors and leaked images on the Internet. After the leak of Spigen caseUswitch.com leaked few images that shows the rear design of the upcoming Apple iPhone 6.

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