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Nintendo sets up an October launch of new 3DS in Japan

Nintendo is all set to release another update to its Nintendo 3DS very soon. Nintendo 3DS was first launched in the year 2011 and since then, the gaming console has seen two major changes. Nintendo was released as 3DS XL which was launched for certain consumers who wanted larger handheld consoles than the previous models and another cheaper version named as 2DS for the kids. According to the reports, Nintendo is planning to provide the handheld gaming console a complete makeover and the recent update is just an intermediate phase before the full-fledged follow-up product is released for the users sometime later in the year 2014 or early 2015.Nintendo sets up an October launch of new 3DS in Japan

With the images that have rolled out, the obvious change in the coloring scheme of the buttons is very much evident. The device will also be having a second analog stick just above the face buttons. Nintendo has taken inspiration from the classic SNES consoles when designing the updates for the upgraded 3DS gaming console.

According to the statements from Nintendo, the console is expected to be much better that all the previous versions. The gaming console is expected to be lauded with a faster processor and a larger RAM. Thus, it means that Nintendo’s 3DS gaming console will be supporting better quality graphics and the gaming experience is will be expected to be at par with Nintendo’s Wii U. This will certainly be a delight to the users who are planning for the upgraded Nintendo 3DS gaming console.

As a mater of fact, it is not all good news for Nintendo 3DS consoles. Although, the users will be able to experience much better graphics and visuals coupled with a great experience, but old versions of certain games will not be compatible anymore. Nintendo will also be packing in the NFC with the 3DS console. Nintendo is all geared up to release the console in Japan on October 11 in two different sizes.

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