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Temple Run OZ launched for Windows 8: Download Now

Temple Run Oz is now launched for Windows 8 platform. It is an attractive combo which is formed with the combination of Temple Run 2 and Oz movie that was released earlier this year. For Android, iPhone, iPad users, it is not a new game and they might be playing it from March 2013. This game is developed by Imangi Studios and Disney/Pixar. So after 5-6 months, they have finally integrated it with Windows platform.


Temple Run Oz for Windows 8 has inherited all the features from its Android and iOS versions. It is not like ordinary Temple Run 2. It offers weekly challenges, new levels, hidden powers, jumps, slides etc. Its UI responds to each enquiry of the gamer.

Features of Temple Run Oz

You might have predicted most of its features from the above image. These two screenshots says the entire thing. This game comes with:

  • New and fresh environment that is inspired from Oz movie.
  • New locations can be found simply by following the sign posts.
  • Environment changes suddenly (sometimes with every new turn you will find new conditions). Each environment has unique level of responsiveness. So you will find different playing conditions in different environments.
  • Hot Air Balloon is added as an additional combo. It can be used for collecting extra coins (bonus you can say). It makes the complete game more interesting.
  • Improved graphics with new levels.
  • Lots more

Download Temple Run Oz for Windows

Temple Run Oz is listed on Windows official store. You can download it for $0.99 only. You can download it from here. Installation process is similar like all other normal games/apps.

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