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Google reveals ‘Project Wing’ drone delivery project

Google has revealed ‘Project Wing,’ a drone delivery project that is being tested at Google X lab that is known for developing Google Glass and smart contact lenses.project-wing-google

The project is testing out pre-programmed drones that fly automatically to deliver the goods. The drone weighing 22-pound will be a hybrid aircraft capable of taking off vertically and flying horizontally. The project is in the developmental stage as Google is expected to use the drones for its upcoming Google Shopping Express that promises same-day deliver of goods. The project was revealed during an interview with The Atlantic.

Astro Teller, Head of Google X Moonshots stated in the video:

“Even just a few of these, being able to shuttle nearly continuously could service a very large number of people in an emergency situation.”

The demonstration was shot in Australia due to its relaxed drone laws when compared to America where a drone delivers dog food to a man in a remote village. The package is lowered down using a cable system and the dog consumes the food happily. A Google spokesperson mentioned that self-flying vehicles are faster, cheaper and less harmful to the environment. The drone uses four propellers that give a lift and forward flight.

However Google will have to lobby hard with the US government for relaxation of drone policies in a similar way as during the launch of the company’s self-driving cars. Amazon is also in the process of testing out ‘Prime Air’ where drones deliver goods weighing less than five pounds.

Project Wing Demonstration Video:

Last year, Amazon has unveiled its intentions on same-day delivery of the Amazon packages within 30 minutes to its customers via Prime Air drones. And we reported that “Google will announce their similar or more advanced drones as well as driverless cars made out of Google X Lab soon.”

Seth Weintraub of 9to5Google blog already reported about this in Feb 2013, where he said,

Along with Glass, Google will have an opportunity to demonstrate other upcoming and Google X projects like driverless cars and mini-drone delivery systems at its stores.


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