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Microsoft brings in DeLorean to reduce gaming lag

Microsoft has introduced a new technology named DeLorean that can improve cloud-gaming capabilities to reduce gaming lag.microsoft-logo-redmond

The lag will be reduced to some extent by migration technology and researchers at Microsoft are experimenting with new methods for guessing the gamers next move. The research team has called the experimental technology DeLorean a ‘speculative execution system.’ Reducing lags on cloud-gaming means that users get the same experience of playing locally as streamed games from the server faces lags.

Microsoft said in a statement:

“We demonstrated DeLorean on Doom 3, a twitch-based first shooter, and Fable 3, an action role-playing game because they belong to popular game genres with demanding response times.”

Microsoft mentioned that gamers can notice a lag of 60 milliseconds while playing multiplayer games and as the latency rises to 100 milliseconds and more they begin to get annoyed. There is also a 75 decrease in user engagement when the latency jumps between 150 to 250 milliseconds.

The DeLorean technology analyses the system of players and predicts the possible movements. The server sends all the possible gaming data to the players console so that there is a reduction in the lag. The technology requires large amounts of data to be sent and uses a video encoding system for compression.

Currently in the experimental stage, DeLorean was able to reduce up to 250 milliseconds of latency in cloud-based games. Gamers in the experiment were satisfied the experience and mentioned that they did not notice a thing. However the new technology is in the experimental stage and will take some time before it’s officially released.

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