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USIS data breach leaks out confidential data of 25000 employees

The United States faced yet another critical crisis related to data breach when a Virginia based firm, US Investigations Services compromised confidential data of approximately about 25,000 government employees. According to the reports, the Cyber Atack on USIS happened sometime back. It was only earlier this month the firm disclosed the data breach. USIS is one of the largest commercial provider of background investigators. The firm has over 5700 employees working for the Federal Government in the United States as well as outside US. The firm has not listed the name of the employees who were the victims of the data breach, but most of them have been notified about it.USIS data breach leaks out confidential data for 25000 employees, including undercover agents

The data breach at USIS is not one of the first instances of cyber attacks on government organization. In spite of the previous attacks, it is quite astonishing that the security was broken down so easily. The data breach has exposed the names of the employees and confidential data about family and friends of the employee as well. Along with it, the majority of the identification numbers and stats for the employees have also parted on the wrong hands.

The breach has not only exposed the general Government officials, but also the undercover agents working for government organizations like Homeland Security, United States, Immigrations, Customs, etc.

Some of the employees whose data were compromised in the data breach have been notified about the incident and the government has already warned them about the risks. On the other hand, the Department of Homeland Security has stepped in and suspended all the collaborative work with USIS since the data breach.

The FBI has already taken up the case and working on it. The major concern among the leaders is that if the data goes to he wrong hands, the individuals as well as the nation might be under the radar of a greater risk.

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