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Shopping for PCs is a miserable, difficult – and budget ultrabooks haven’t helped

Purchasing a laptop for personal use is a bit difficult task-choosing design, color, comparing with other, price etc. As you know Intel released Ultrabook (2 year ago) in the market which became top one among gadget, and created good competition with Apple’s MacBook Air. Now-a-days Laptop or tablet became so thinner and stylish, so that consumer will automatically pull towards device. Laptop manufacturer designs their product with high processing hardware, additional features, long life battery and reasonable price. But till now the method of purchasing laptop is worse process!

Shopping for PCs is a wretched, broken experience – and budget ultrabooks haven’t helped

At present, there are some high class Laptop from Dell and Lenovo such as Dell XPS 12 and Lenovo Yoga. This two top level devices priced in between $900-$1200, which has good performing hardware and utilities. It offers you with SSD cache drives (or else full solid state drives), highly built-up with Haswell processors.

When compare to Dell and Lenovo brand- let’s take a look on, how these both the brand being competitive with each other. One of the Dell gadget-mainstream Inspiron 15z, the main benefit in this device is Haswell processors. But we can use only, if we pair with 5400RPM HDD without SSD cache and Solid State drive. It is fully developed with 1366×738 resolution display, and purchases ultrabook for $599 price. Some other features like 500GB (32GB cache) internal memory for storing, HD 4000 graphics, DDR3-1600 (6GB) and many more. Dell also has Inspiron 15R with DDR3L-1600 low voltage (6GB), HD 4400 graphics from Intel, 500 GB internal storage memory (no SSD cache), 6-cell battery for long battery life. So which is the better gadget to buy among these?

When compared to Inspiron 15z, 15R gives you good battery life but it doesn’t come with solid state drive cache.  If you need Haswell with SSD, it is better option to purchase XPS 12-(price $1200).

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