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Anonymous social networking app ‘Secret’ releases major update

The anonymous social networking app ‘Secret’ on Friday announced the release of a new update that brings in several features and removes certain existing features in the app.secret-app-screenshot

The latest update will include Flickr integration for customizing background images and users will no longer be able to use pictures from camera library. However, users can use images for personalization taken with the in-app camera. By eliminating the access to the camera library the company hopes to prevent reputation-damaging images from making its way into its network.

“We’ve changed our position on the use of real names and in addition to discouraging their use, we’re actively blocking posts containing the names of private individuals whenever possible. We will invest heavily here to make sure the system improves over time,” said Secret.

Secret’s back-end service has been involved in the process of detecting names in the posts and the company mentions that it has become advanced enough to detect “keywords, sentiment and photos” of people. Most posts are analyzed automatically though there are team members for objectionable posts. The company advises users to ‘re-think’ before posting any content.

The latest update also includes a polling feature in posts with ‘yes or no’ question. Secret was banned in Android and iOS app store by a judge in Brazil over concerns of cyber bullying. Google was ordered to remove the installed app within 10 days while Apple has removed it from the app store. It is unclear if Apple has wiped off the installed versions. The latest version of Secret app will be released next week and is available for free download on iOS and Google Play Store.

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