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Facebook includes Oculus Rift in ‘Bug Bounty’ program for bug finders

Facebook has included Oculus Rift, the virtual reality headset in ‘Bug Bounty’ program that will pay a minimum of $500 to researchers or others who report the bugs to the ‘social network’ company.oculus-rift-facebook-bounty

Last year, the social-networking site rewarded $1.5 million in bug bounties. The company acquired Virtual reality headset maker Oculus in March for $2 billion. Neal Poole, security engineer at Facebook stated that several bugs are found in the messaging system for Oculus developers similar to bugs in Facebook and will be rectified before the public release. The maximum payout has not been mentioned as it would depend on the type of bug reported based on security and skills.

Neal Poole said in a statement:

“Potentially in the future, if people were to go explore and find issues in the SDK or hardware, that is definitely of interest to us.”

Security researchers and developers can report bugs in the Software Development Kit (SDK), hardware and parts of the website. New types of bugs are also expected in Facebook’s first hardware product that might be the target of hackers. Most of the bugs are found in the software of Oculus Rift and is considerably lower in the hardware.

Tech companies are increasingly attracted to the ‘bug bounty‘ program and create teams to find bugs in the code. Creator of Oculus Rift Palmer Lucy also agreed that security will be a major concern for the headset though he hopes bring the headset to all homes. Oculus Rift is currently available to developers and the device will be available to public by the end of the year.

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