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Google Glass update XE20.1 to come with important features and fixes

Google Glass has been one of the major breakthroughs in the field of smart gadgets over the last few years. But still, one will not be able to claim Google Glass as near to perfect smart device. The Glass has had its own issues since its inception. In spite of the flaws one will have to accept the fact that the device has a huge potential. Possibly that is the main reason Google has worked profusely to improve the device on a broader aspect. In the very recent times, Google has released an update for Google Glass to XE20.1. According to the reports, the updates will take care of a lot of issues faced by the users.Google Glass set to receive update XE20.1 with important fixes

One of the most common issues that troubled the users was with the limited contact management capabilities. Many users complained that although they could add contacts to the list, but they had access to the only to the ones which were added manually.

According to many Glass Explorers, Head Nudge feature was also creating a lot of troubles as it shut down the display at times due to unintentional gestures. The ‘Head Nudge’ feature allows the users to turn on and off the display with a slight nudge of the head. Although the feature is absolutely awesome, but Google Glass does not offer the settings to disable head nudge.

According to Google, the update XE20.1 will fix these issues and thus create a better atmosphere for the users. Apart from the fixes, the update will also add quite a few numbers of features to the Glass. The users will be able to track down nearby events, buildings, work on currency conversion, etc.. The update will also allow the users to make more voice commands. The reports have it that Google is presently in the final testing stage for the updates and will release it for the users as soon as it is ready. As in Google’s words:

New software updates may take a week to be available. Learn more about Updating Glass software.

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