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Madden NFL 15 by EA Sports set to impress gamers

Madden NFL 15, the latest in the football franchise from Electronic Arts is expected to impress a section a section of gamers with its new features, with a few let downs in the gameplay as well.madden-nfl-15-logo

Madden NFL 13 was hugely popular last year with better gameplay and Connected Careers while the latest game in the series hasn’t come up with any major improvements except improving the existing features and improvements in visuals. In the Connected franchise mode, the contract options have been removed during free agency and lack of restricted free agency. However, improvements in the Connected Franchise include player confidence, and training the team and increasing the XP with the help of the coaching staff.

The game is providing importance to training skills involving offensive and defensive moves. Defense moves have been improved with slants becoming harder and more aggression on the field. Players will be able to engage or disengage with players which is timed perfectly and is realistic than the earlier game in the franchise.

“The artificial intelligence governing zone has been beefed up so that players in the defensive secondary more smartly patrol their assignments and more dangerous than ever while attacking the ball,” said EA Sports.

The easy controls of the game have not been changed for the place-kicking and punting which allows users to get used to the new features and removes the need to relearn game movements. Major highlights are the facial expressions, movements and 3D stadium cutouts appear more realistic and immersive when they were run on PS4 and Xbox One. However, gamers will be disappointed by the low graphic quality of the game on PS3 and Xbox 360. The game is set to be released on August 26.

Earlier, EA Sports unveils Madden NFL 15 game with Gauntlet Mode that features 40 new challenging levels for players who have completed the title along with improved gameplay features. EA has also released a gameplay video teaser showcasing the new features. The new mode will feature a boss battle after completing five levels and showcases a completely different type of experience where players will have to score a 110-yard goal in 200-mph winds during the first boss battle.


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  1. is there the old franshie mode on madden or is the old franshise mode done?

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